Eastern Townships

The Eastern Townships region is the southernmost tourist region in the province of Québec. It borders the United States, and you can even visit a concert hall that overlaps the border! The first inhabitants to settle in the region were the English loyalists, the Scottish, and the Irish, who were soon followed by the French Canadians, the Dutch, the Swiss, the Belgians, the Polish, and the Germans.

This region is located in a magnificent setting, dotted with imposing mountains, lakes dating back from the last glaciations, rivers, and large forested areas. It profits from a great ecological diversity, not only for wildlife, but also for natural resources, like copper and zinc.

The Eastern Townships region conceals remnants from the past, such as round barns, which were built to resist fierce winds, or covered bridges, which were built with a round roof that allows them to extend their life duration. The religious heritage of this region is highly diversified. In fact, people can visit more than a hundred churches from all denominations.