Explore Ontario:

Ontario is the perfect province to start your holiday in Canada. It is home to the world famous Niagara Falls – a must on any Canada holiday – Toronto with the iconic CN Tower, and thousands of lakes, many with comfortable resorts just waiting to be included in your Canada holiday plans. The name Ontario is taken from the Iroquoian word ‘shining waters’, But look beyond Niagara Falls and the busy, cosmopolitan city of Toronto. Ontario is a land of huge contrasts; its northern border is on the same parallel as Sweden and its southern, California. This diversity makes it perfect for a family holiday in Canada.

Why should I visit Ontario?

Ontario is a good holiday destination all year round with city breaks, dog sledding and snowmobiling in winter and all sorts of activities and attractions in the summer. Ontario is very easy to get to with frequent flights from most UK airports so your Canada holiday can start from an airport near home.