Campbell River

The young and vibrant community of Campbell River on the east coast of central Vancouver Island is beautifully set between Strathcona Park to the west and the Discovery Islands to the east, a metropolitan town located on the frontier of a BC wilderness, inhabited by few people but many animals. Long known as the Salmon Capital of the World, Campbell River is a natural destination, in more ways than one. Together with Quadra Island, just ten minutes by free ferry, this area is an ideal stopping point for a night or two on a discovery of Vancouver Island.

Long before European explorers entered the waters surrounding Campbell River, the First Nations people had known for thousands of years that this was a special place, living here in harmony with nature and the life cycles of the salmon. They occupied small villages scattered along the coast, and fished salmon, which had spiritual significance and is forever honoured through art and ceremony.

Why should I visit Campbell River?

Campbell River bills itself as the Salmon Capital of the World. One of the four main fishing centres on Vancouver Island, the city is internationally famous for both its ocean and freshwater fishing. The twice-yearly steelhead runs on the Quinsam and Campbell Rivers are as well known as that on the Cowichan River, while the year-round salmon fishing in Discovery Passage is unmatched. Here you’ll find some of the best fishing outfitters on the island. Campbell River is also a stopping point before beginning your bear watching holiday at Knight Inlet Lodge or to access Sonora Resort.

Things to do in Campbell River

Choose from whale-watching tour by zodiac where killer whales play, breech and feed in their natural habitat, or explore the nearby coast and see other marine life as well as whales, including pacific harbour seals, sea lions and several varieties of seabirds.

3.5-5.5 hours, May-September