The Bears of Knight Inlet Lodge | Grizzly Bear Watching in British Columbia, Canada

Holiday Duration: 6 Nights



Knight Inlet Lodge – THE place to see grizzly bears in their natural habitat

View the bears differently in the different seasons. In the spring, you set out in boats to get close to the shore (50 metres) to give you a good view of the bears feeding remaining far enough away as to not disturb them. The early summer programme continues on the water as well, but if the opportunity arises there may be a chance to use the tree stands. By late August viewing the grizzly bears is mainly from platforms at the spawning channel. Knight Inlet Lodge strive to see the bears in their natural environment without having a negative impact on them. Book your bear watching holiday in Canada as early as possible as spaces are limited and do get booked up.

Knight Inlet Lodge

50 air miles north of Campbell River, Knight Inlet Lodge in in the Great Bear Forest as accessed by a 30 minutes floatplane ride from Campbell River on Vancouver Island direct to Knight Inlet Lodge.

From May you travel by boat from Knight Inlet Lodge to see grizzly bears grazing on the shoreline whilst in August the action moves to hides to watch the grizzly bears fishing for the salmon returning to the river.

There are opportunities to fish, watch orca and dolphin, track and learn more about the habits of the grizzly bears from the friendly and very well informed staff of Knight Inlet Lodge.

The first night of your Knight Inlet Lodge holiday will be spent at the new Comfort Inn and Suites in Campbell River, then the sea plane takes you on a magical journey to Knight Inlet lodge where you can spend just one night but we strongly recommend you spend at least 2 and more if you have the time and money.

Why We like it: Almost unique and a wonderful way to see grizzly bears and learn about their habitat. Its a great place for your bear watching holiday in Canada.

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Itinerary (6 Nights)

Here’s a day-by-day guide to your itinerary. Feel free to ask us to add other days or ideas and excursions by contacting us directly, so we can give you the best price.

Days 1-2

Arrive into Vancouver and check in to your hotel.  Spend 2 to 3 days here to...

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Day 3

Fly with Pacific Coastal Airlines from Vancouver harbour to Campbell River.  Alternatively you could hire...

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Days 4-6

Campbell River to Knight Inlet Lodge

This morning you will fly to Knight Inlet Lodge to commence your stay here. We...

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Day 7

Knight Inlet Lodge to Vancouver

Say goodbye to Knight Inlet and flyback to Campbell River to meet your flight back...

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