Pyna-tee-ah-Lodge | Likely, British Columbia

Just across the road from the Quesnel River, surrounded by the dramatic scenery of central British Columbia’s Cariboo Mountains, the Pyna-Tee-Ah Lodge offers a perfect location for a wildlife watching experience to remember. Grizzly bears, Moose, Caribou, Wolves and many different species of birds all inhabit this beautiful location.

Packages at Pyna-Tee-Ah Lodge

Bear Whisperer – 3 to 5 nights Grizzly Bear Viewing
Glamping with Grizzlies – 3 nights bear and wildlife viewing
Call of the Wild – 4 to 6 nights winter wildlife viewing


The remote area is rich in wildlife due to the unique inland rainforest and the rivers and estuaries of Quesnel Lake teem with trout and sockeye salmon making it a haven for fishing. You will be led by expert guides on daily grizzly bear and wildlife viewing excursions and taken by boat to areas along the waterways that grizzly bears are known to frequent as they hunt for salmon. You can spend the day fishing or viewing the spectacular wildlife the choice is yours. Winter time brings snow shoeing and dogsledding as well as an excellent chance to see wolves and moose. In the evenings back at the lodge, you can relax and share your experiences and comparing your photographs with fellow guests or sit comfortably outdoors, perhaps even catching a glimpse of the northern lights.

The accommodation is simple with clean comfortable beds, mostly private bathrooms and a very warm welcome. The food is all home cooked, plentiful and served family style.


The lodge has 6 double occupancy rooms, a great room complete with stone fireplace, pool table, gift shop on approximately five acres of beautiful riverfront grounds.


Services and Amenities

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At Pyna Tee we saw MANY bears, salmon leaping, whales, birds, wolves and other fascinating wildlife! We loved our stay at the Lodge and Peggy and Gary send their regards to you

Jan Vening - Travelled to British Columbia