Glamping with Grizzlies | See Bears in the Heart of Grizzly Country

Holiday Duration: 7 Nights



This amazing experience takes you into the heart of grizzly country in the Cariboo Mountains. Stay in the floating glamping lodge which is equipped with luxury wall tents giving you an especially unique connection with nature. From the lodge deck you will have 360 degree mountain views where you can see bears and other wildlife from dawn to dark. This unique accommodation ensures the brilliance of the nighttime skies and the many stars, you may even see the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis dance across the skies. Wake up to the fresh pure mountain air and let the everyday stresses of life quickly ebb away in the peaceful quiet of this mountain paradise.

From the Glamping Lodge You Have:

  • Magical 360-degree mountain views, star gazing and northern lights at night; wake to the haunting early morning call of the loon.
  • Grizzly bears and salmon on wilderness rivers by jet boat, wildlife, birds and nature.
  • Walking safari through rare ancient old growth forest to grizzly/wildlife viewing sites.
  • Hiking from old growth forest through boreal forest and into the alpine.
  • Kayaking the world’s deepest fjord lake, exploring ancient old growth forest and limestone caves.
  • Over 30 years experience guiding the wilderness traveler.

This 3 night package should be combined with a longer holiday. Let us arrange your complete tailor-made holiday through British Columbia and Alberta.



June 23 to August 26

June 23 to August 26

Glamping on the floating lodge on the deepest fjord lake on earth, Quesnel Lake, in the heart of the rare interior ancient rainforest amid the breathtaking scenery of the Cariboo Mountains is the ultimate wilderness adventure providing you those special unforgettable lifetime memories. This safari includes wildlife viewing, focusing on grizzlies, black bears, moose, mountain caribou, mountain goats, wolves, deer and a variety of birds, hiking and kayaking, magnificent mountain scenery with icefields and glaciers. Walk in the rare ancient interior rainforest among the huge Western Red Cedars over 1000 years old, kayak and explore the deepest fjord lake on earth and explore the natural limestone caves and other distinctive features or hike into the alpine with its own rare ecosystems and plants and spectacular mountain views.

  • Day 1 – arrival day – arrive at Pyna-tee-ah Lodge in Likely. Proceed to the Grizzly Bay Floating Lodge by boat – evening viewing opportunities.
  • Day 2 – Walk through rare interior ancient forests – Kayak along the shores of the deepest fjord lake on earth observing wildlife – climb up to limestone caves and see more of nature’s natural wonders.
  • Day 3 – Choice of alpine hiking expedition or a water safari to the further reaches of Quesnel Lake. Alpine hike – This is a hike for the hearty through the ancient forests into the alpine – observe wildlife and nature at its finest and enjoy magnificent views of Quesnel Lake and surrounding area. On the water safari travel by lake boat into the east arm which boasts sheer cliff walls, our own Niagara Falls, Roaring River falls, or walk the Penfold plateau.
  • Day 4 – Departure day – enjoy a leisurely breakfast on the floating lodge and prepare to depart.

August 27 to October 16

August 27 to October 16

With the return of the spawning salmon the grizzlies are drawn to the rivers for their annual salmon feast. During the fall season you will follow the salmon up the rivers by jetboat then spend the day quietly drifting down the river observing and photographing the grizzlies, eagles and other animals and birds. Travel among the wildlife with opportunities to observe grizzlies, wolves, black bear and moose in their natural wild habitat. Early morning viewing and evening viewing ensure you get the best opportunities to see the bears and get that perfect bear photo.

  • Day 1 – Arrival day – arrive in the afternoon at Pyna-tee-ah Lodge – depart for Grizzly Bay Floating Lodge – late day bear viewing;
  • Day 2 – bear viewing by jetboat on wilderness salmon spawning river – return to lodge in the afternoon – dinner – late day bear viewing;
  • Day 3 – Walking safari through ancient forests to bear viewing sites along the river
  • Day 4 – Departure day – enjoy leisurely breakfast on floating lodge and prepare to depart.

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We had a fantastic holiday in the Rockies and Vancouver and your arrangements were perfect. You really know your stuff.

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Itinerary (7 Nights)

Here’s a day-by-day guide to your itinerary. Feel free to ask us to add other days or ideas and excursions by contacting us directly, so we can give you the best price.

Day 1

This bear tour should be part of a longer holiday.  Whether you stay in Vancouver,...

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Days 2-5

Glamping - Pyna Tee Ah Lodge

Arrive at Pyna-tee-ah Lodge in Likely and proceed to the Grizzly Bay Floating Lodge by...

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Day 6+

BC & Alberta

You will be transferred back to Williams Lake for your flight back to Vancouver. Transfer...

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