Bear Whisperer | See Grizzly Bears at Pyna-Tee-Ah Lodge

Holiday Duration: 5 Nights



This is one of the most easy and economical ways to watch grizzly bears. During your 3-6 night experience you will be staying in the Pyna-Tee-Ah- Lodge located in the Cariboo Mountains on the south shore of Quesnel Lake

Enjoy this unique experience and see some of Canada’s premier wildlife in close proximity, ideal for photography and just experiencing nature in the raw. Whether you are watching the bears on the rivers by jetboat going about their daily business and enjoying a salmon feast or feeding on Solomon seals and grasses in the high mountain valleys, it is an experience you will remember and treasure forever.

Note from Eco-tours
“On all of our wildlife viewing trips safety is first and foremost for both the wildlife and our guests. We are especially vigilant and safety conscious on our bear viewing excursions. Our guides are experienced, qualified professionals. Knowing and recognizing bear body language plays an important role in safe viewing. The bears we view are wild bears in their natural habitat. They are not habituated bears used to being around people. We keep in mind at all times that we are visitors and guests in their homes and we do everything possible to avoid stressing and impacting them as they go about the usual business of their daily lives and foraging for food. They are intelligent, often playful and very entertaining.”

When to See The Bears

When to See The Bears

May through October

The bears are in the high alpine basins and valleys in the Cariboo Mountains. Viewing at this time involves alpine hiking. Some areas can be accessed and be in the alpine and on top of the peaks in under an hour. These areas offer excellent viewing and photographic opportunities as you walk along the high alpine peaks and ridges and view the mountain valleys below. Travel time to get to the trailheads is an hour or less from the lodge. Besides grizzlies guests may also see moose, mountain caribou, black bear, mountain goats, wolves, mule deer, wolverine, lynx and a variety of mountain song birds, smaller animals and unique alpine plants and flowers.

Fall Grizzly viewing in September and October is done primarily over the salmon runs on the rivers by jet boats. Toward the end of August the sockeye salmon begin to arrive in the Cariboo Mountains Quesnel Lake watershed and travel up the rivers and tributaries to the spawning redds of their birth where they will lay their eggs to ensure future generations and end their lives. These fish have traveled thousands of miles, often from the gulf of Alaska all the way down the coast of British Columbia where they enter the Fraser River, their highway to the interior spawning rivers, then up the Quesnel River and into the rivers of their birth in the Quesnel Lake watershed. This is a mighty feat of nature and is an amazing and wondrous site to behold. The arrival of the salmon in the rivers quickly draws the grizzlies to the rivers for their fall feast at nature’s buffet in preparation for their winter’s hibernation.

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"It was an amazing experience for us as a family "

We returned from our trip yesterday and I wanted to send a quick thank you as it exceeded our expectations.  Your help in putting together the trip and arranging the vouchers etc. meant that it all went smoothly and the places that we got to see were very special indeed; there were some that you would definitely not find yourself.  You promised wildlife and it certainly delivered, with 32 whales over the two whale watching trips, a black bear and 7 moose. 

It was an amazing experience for us as a family and one that we will remember for a long time and will have to work very hard to replicate.  

Mr Edwards - Travelled to Quebec

Itinerary (5 Nights)

Here’s a day-by-day guide to your itinerary. Feel free to ask us to add other days or ideas and excursions by contacting us directly, so we can give you the best price.

Days 1-2

This bear tour should be part of a longer holiday. Whether you stay in Vancouver,...

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Day 3

Pyna-Tee-Ah Lodge

Arrive at Pyna Tee, settle in, explore the tiny village of Likely or take a...

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Days 4-5

Pyna-Tee-Ah Lodge

After an early breakfast, you will head off in the 4×4 for your day’s adventure....

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Day 6+

BC & Alberta

Explore further into British Columba or into Alberta and see the stunning Canadian Rockies, Driving...

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