Travel checklist for Canada

In these very strange times for us all, there is no doubt that travelling is going to be a little bit different from now on. What we do know is that some things do not change and travelling to and around Canada is very easy to navigate; our basic checklist of things to know, pack and be aware of will make it even simpler. Who’s ready to go?

Before you go

Aside from any Covid-19 precautions or protocols that may be in place – these will be subject to change, so will need to be checked when booking – you will need to have a valid passport and good travel insurance. You will also need to apply for an ETA to enter the country; this is the official link to do so:

Make sure to only use this site as there are online companies that offer to get an ETA for you, but it will cost more than the $7 from the official site, so be careful! You will need to have a valid debit or credit card to pay for this, and this will also be needed when travelling throughout the country as well. If your holiday includes renting a car, a credit rather than a debit card is essential as is, obviously, your driving licence.

Fly-drive through the Rockies

What to take?

Some of the below may seem extremely obvious, but you’d be surpised how many people forget the simplest things before they head off on holiday. So while documents and phone chargers aren’t the fun things to think about, they can make or break a trip. When you’re headed to Canada, regardless of the time of year or type of holiday, you’re going to need the following items, on top of your essential documents:

  • Tickets and booking information
  • Debit/credit card
  • Personal medication/toiletries
  • Phone and accessories, including charger/adapter
  • Money
  • Hygiene kit including hand santiser and face masks
  • Backpack
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Sun hat
  • Sun cream
  • Sunglasses

Don’t forget your sunglasses

What to wear?

Summers in Canada can be hot and dry in many areas, with more of a breeze or chances of showers on the coast. The key to packing clothes for your Canada holiday is layers, whatever you’re planning to do. The following is a good basic list that should cover most eventualities:

  • Hiking/cotton socks (several pairs)
  • Short-sleeve shirts (synthetic or cotton)
  • Shorts (quick-dry recommended)
  • Jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt (synthetic recommended)
  • Waterproof rain jacket
  • Sturdy hiking shoes or boots or trainers
  • Water shoes or flipflops
  • Bathing suit

Stroll through Canada

Holiday extras

The following items are not necessarily essential, but will undoubtedly help make it more enjoyable. Who wants to go bear watching without being able to see them close up or show your friends the picture that most definitely was a whale?

  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Torch
  • Travel guide
  • Book to read
  • First aid kit
  • Repair kit with needle, thread, and safety pins
  • Reusable shopping bag

Picture perfect

All that remains once you’re packed, is to sit back, relax and get ready to enjoy the Canada holiday you have been waiting for; it’s nearly time.

Julie Thompson
Frontier Canada