Canada by motorhome

As we all start to think about our future holidays and what they will be like, one of the best ways to see Canada is from the comfort of your own vehicle and in a post-Covid world, what better way to explore than with your own motorhome?

Taking your home with you on the road gives you the freedom to venture out into areas off the beaten track, in luxury motorhomes that can sleep a whole family. You can rent a motorhome from 21 years old and vehicles are all equipped with the latest in mod cons and creature comforts. They are easy to drive, too. Convenience kits, typically included in the rental prices, include bedding, linen, cooking dishes and cutlery, so you can head for the wide-open spaces in as little as an hour from when you arrive at the rental location to pick the vehicle up. Even more importantly, all precautions have been put in place to ensure that your home-from-home is spotlessly clean and rigorously tested so you can holiday safely and with confidence.

Choosing your vehicle:

For larger families or groups, the best choice is either the large maxi motorhome (MHA) or the slightly more compact midi motorhome (MHB). Both can sleep up to four adults and two children and their spacious design allows ample storage, living and sleeping space.

Maxi motorhome in Banff

The super van camper (SVC) is perfect for a small family or a couple and its efficient design incorporates a separate sleeping area for two adults and a conveniently-located bathroom with a flush toilet and stand-up shower. The SVC is comfortable and easy to drive with enough space for three adults or family of four. The smaller deluxe van conversion (DVC) sleeps two adults and is perfect for a couple who want an all-in-one vehicle.

For couples who are looking for a fun drive, the truck camper is a 4×4 truck with access to the camper from the outside. They are very stylish and probably the easiest to navigate in more populated areas, and offer a comfortable queen-sized bed above the cab after a day’s drive.

Truck camper at Peggy’s Cove

Getting around

When you first pick up your motorhome, you might feel a little daunted by the size but they are remarkably easy to drive and with the roads in Canada never being crowded, maneuvering your vehicle is easier than you think. There are many scenic pull-ins for the ideal photo opportunity, not to mention having a rest from your drive and enjoying a cuppa with a view. There are also often larger parking bays for when you need to pick up groceries in a town centre.


One of the most important things to do when planning your motorhome holiday is to plan out your route and take a look at the campgrounds in the areas you are looking to overnight in, many of which should be booked as far in advance as possible. Again, it is very easy to do this and downloadable apps and maps when you book your vehicle make the whole process even simpler. A large number of Canada’s national and provincial parks have overnight campgrounds, many of which have hook-ups for your electricity, sewage and water supplies. Not only that, you get to spend the night in some stunningly beautiful areas that you just wouldn’t see from a hotel room.

Campground living

Top tips

  • Book your campsites well in advance to make sure you are not disappointed as the most popular get booked up very quickly
  • Your first night in Canada before you collect your motorhome must be in a hotel so you can adjust to the time difference
  • Always make sure that you don’t travel too far on your first day so that you can safely hook-up your vehicle for the first time in daylight
  • Look at the packages available when booking for mileage, kits and any extras such as renting chairs; it’s much cheaper to do before you leave the UK
  • When picking up your first lot of groceries, include a pair of rubber gloves as they will come in handy!
  • Take your time, don’t rush your journeys and above all, enjoy your surroundings in your home-from-home

Julie Thompson
Frontier Canada