New Brunswick

New Brunswick is bounded by the US to the west, Québec to the north and Nova Scotia to the south, providing the bridge from the Maritime provinces to the rest of Canada. It is probably most famous for the awesome Bay of Fundy with its enormous tides, dunes stretching for miles and the salmon fishing.

There are good connections via Halifax to Fredericton, New Brunswick’s capital, making it possible to have a fantastic self-drive holiday where you can explore all the pretty inns of New Brunswick, witness the whales of the Bay of Fundy, walk on the ocean floor, enjoy the lively festivals and of course, dine on the ever-present and delicious sea food.

Why should I visit New Brunswick?

New Brunswick is very accessible, not just from the UK, but from other parts of Atlantic Canada and Quebec, so it fits well in to a fly-drive holiday, or even using the VIA Rail train

Tidal bore rafting and visiting the Hopewell Rocks are must-dos and you can also go island hopping around the three Fundy Islands; the “Fundy sisters” as they are sometimes called: Grand Manan, Campobello Island and Deer Island.

New Brunswick is also the place for whale watching – many whales live in the waters surrounding New Brunswick, including the right whale, one of the rarest whales in the world.

Things to do in New Brunswick

Hopewell Rocks Tidal Exploration Site

The Hopewell Rocks is located along the Bay of Fundy, home of the highest tides in the world.  The Hopewell Rocks offers a unique natural experience of both high and low tides.  Enjoy the multi-media exhibit in the Interpretive Centre, scenic walking trails and lookouts.

The Hopewell Rocks is a self-directed park, however interpretive staff are located at key areas to answer any questions you may have. In addition to the opportunity to walk on the ocean floor, there are two sandy beach areas at either end of the park and a number of well-marked walking trails.

May 15 – Jun 19: 9am – 5pm
Jun 20 – Aug 14: 8am – 8pm
Aug 15 – Aug 31: 9am – 7pm
Sep 01 – Oct 12: 9am – 5pm

Fundy Tide Runner

Get up close and personal with Minke, Finback and Humpback whales as you take a Zodiac* tour of the Bay of Fundy, a popular summer feeding place for whales. View a fascinating array of marine wildlife, meet the people whose lives depend on the ocean and explore the Bay of Fundy, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

May 15 – Jun 15: 10am and 2pm
Jun 16 – Jun 30: 10am, 1pm and 4pm
Jul 01 – Sep 21: 10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm, 4pm, 5pm and 630pm
Sep 22 – Sep 30: 10am, 11am, 1pm and 2pm
Oct 01 – Oct 15: 10am and 2pm

*Minimum age for Zodiac Tour is 5 years.

King’s Landing Open Air Museum

King’s Landing is a historical experience that explores how history is told and pushes the boundaries!  Visit this 300 acre museum, where you’ll discover over 40 interactive exhibits, horseback riding, theater, workshops, immersive programming and a fully 1st person interpreted village where you can step back in time with over 100 costumed characters in 70 historic buildings.

The experience of day-to-day life of 19th century Canadians is best enjoyed when guests roll up their sleeves and immerse themselves int he story; from baking bread on an open hearth to helping the blacksmith forge his wares – there is no shortage of memorable experiences.

A fantastic experience that is suitable for everyone, not just families!

Jun 13 – Oct 12: daily 10am to 5pm

The complete Lobster experience – including meal

Discover Atlantic Canada’s best-kept secret with this interactive lobster-themed cruise. An unforgettable culinary experience awaits you as you cruise the warm waters of Shediac Bay. Listen as your tour guide tickles your taste buds and shows you how to crack and eat a delicious, freshly cooked lobster. Then, sit back, relax and enjoy a fisherman’s feast, washed down with a cold beverage, as you take in the scenery and experience the hospitality Acadians are famous for. After supper, catch the balmy breezes on the roomy upper deck and savour the beauty of the Coast as you listen to traditional Acadian music.

A Lobster Tales Cruise includes:
– 2 1/2 hours of adventure on the bay
– An interactive presentation on lobster fishing, with tips on cooking lobster and tricks to eating it
– A lobster meal fit for a king: a succulent whole lobster, delicious Maritime potato salad and crisp coleslaw, served up with your favorite beverage (alternative meals are available on request).

Jun 30 – Sep 01: 415pm and 7pm.

Everything went smoothly with no issues. We enjoyed all the different destinations. Good that we like walking, driving & seafood!  Food (including the breakfasts which were included) was good everywhere & everyone friendly. We loved the region, uncrowded with good roads. The weather was fantastic throughout - just one day when jumpers were needed!

Ms Taylor - Travelled to Nova Scotia, PEI & New Brunswick