New Brunswick

New Brunswick is bounded by the US to the west, Québec to the north and Nova Scotia to the south, providing the bridge from the Maritime provinces to the rest of Canada. It is probably most famous for the awesome Bay of Fundy with its enormous tides, dunes stretching for miles and the salmon fishing.

You can also go island hopping around the three Fundy Islands; the “Fundy sisters” as they are sometimes called: Grand Manan, Campobello Island and Deer Island. New Brunswick is also the place for whale watching – many whales live in the waters surrounding New Brunswick, including the right whale, one of the rarest whales in the world.

There are good connections via Halifax to Fredericton, New Brunswick’s capital, making it possible to have a fantastic self-drive holiday where you can explore all the pretty inns of New Brunswick, witness the whales of the Bay of Fundy, walk on the ocean floor, enjoy the lively festivals and of course, dine on the ever-present and delicious sea food.