Halifax, just 6 hours from London, is the capital of Nova Scotia, an interesting holiday destination and the major transportation hub.

Its waterfront is a popular spot with wooden buildings and fine stone structures of 18th-century Halifax blending with its more modern architecture. The harbour is one of Halifax’s most outstanding features and is an exciting place to be. On the waterfront, you can stroll along the piers, join a walking tour or explore the Maritime Museum with its Titanic artefacts, the many historic sites and points of interest in the city.

Peggy’s Cove with its much photographed lighthouse is located on Nova Scotia’s south shore, only 30 miles from Halifax.

Why should I visit Halifax?

Discover iconic lighthouses, urban gardens, stunning galleries and museums, a waterfront science centre, and many more world-class attractions, in this stunning city on the sea.

Made for walking, the downtown waterfront area is full of bars and restaurants, as well as shops and museums.

Things to do in Halifax

Visit Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Brewery and step back in time for a fun- filled history lesson delivered by costumed animators. It’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill brewery tour! People of all ages will enjoy visiting the beautifully detailed home & brew house of Alexander Keith, learning about the brewing process, singing a song (or two) in the Stag’s Head Pub and, of course, sampling Mr. Keith’s finest Ale.

High above Halifax sits a star shaped citadel, one of the great British fortifications of the 19th century. It’s one of the most visited National Historic Sites in Canada. Animators of the 78th Highland Regiment on sentry duty greet visitors as they cross the drawbridge. Don’t miss your opportunity to have your picture taken with these animators reenacting life of the 1860’s. Be sure to catch the firing of the noon day gun which happens atop the ramparts, every day except Christmas Day.

Enjoy an unforgettable dining experience during a two-hour sailing cruise along the scenic Northwest Arm while aboard the Harbour Queen, an authentic, Mississippi-style paddle wheeler reminiscent of the early 19th century, unique to our city. Hear noteworthy commentary as you pass by prominent Halifax landmarks including the old stone privateer warehouses of the Historic Properties, scenic Point Pleasant Park, Georges Island, yacht squadrons, McNabs Island Lighthouse, and more. The highlight of the evening will undoubtedly be the meal which is created in-house by our Executive Chef and team. The menu features mussels, garden salad, salmon, chicken, vegetables and dessert! Duration 2 hours.

Jun 01 to Aug 31: Tuesday & Thursday – Sunday, 630pm
Jun 01 to Aug 31: Wednesday 7pm

This tour takes passengers to the mouth of Halifax Harbour, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the cliffs of Chebucto Head. While out on this adventure, the crew will pull a lobster trap from deep within the waters of the Atlantic and share anecdotes and common practices about the East Coast`s most famous crustacean. You will learn how to handle a lobster, snapping claws and all, and discover how these intriguing sea creatures continue to live and thrive in our waters. Delight in the opportunity to see species of minke whale, fin whale, dolphin, seals, tuna and sunfish. Keep your eyes peeled however, as these elusive sea creatures are cleverly camouflaged and thus, one must always be on the lookout. Finally, you will have an opportunity to feed various seabirds – they always look forward to our visit.

Note: Wildlife sightings are unpredictable and therefore, are not guaranteed.

Jun 01 – Oct 15: daily at 3pm

Montreal and Halifax are two contrasting cities that make an excellent pairing for your Canadian holiday, linked by a journey on the Ocean Train. Montreal is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with something for everyone - food, art, culture, nightlife, shopping, history- and makes a lively starting point. After a few days exploring the big city, the Ocean Train will take you on a beautiful coastal journey while you relax in surprising comfort (even the pull-down bunk beds are comfy!) and receive the friendliest of service on your way to Nova Scotia. You arrive in Halifax ready to enjoy a few days exploring Halifax. Though smaller than Montreal, Halifax too has more than its fair share of culture, history and heritage - it's a modern city with the heart and friendliness of a small town! All in all, an all round holiday with a good balance of activity and relaxation. Try it - You won't be disappointed!

Louise Wiseman - Travelled on VIA Rail