Dempster Highway

The Dempster Highway is a marvellous adventure to the Edge of the World; it is Canada’s only all-season public road to cross the Arctic Circle and is one of the world’s most unique driving routes. Drive from Dawson City through Tomstone Territorial Park – amazing landscape with its jagged peaks and multi-coloured hills – before you cross the Arctic Circle which is truly the land of the midnight sun.

The highway is named after Royal Canadian Mounted Police Inspector William Dempster, who as a young constable, frequently ran the dog sled trail from Dawson City to Fort McPherson and the road still follows much the same route.

This unique driving experience is best done over 4-5 days as a return trip (the highway is about 457 miles in length) and should include time in Dawson City, Tombstone Territorial Park, Eagle Plains and Inuvik.